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    How do you feel about hunting over flooded rice fields, corn fields, etc.?
    What do you think defines the term “manipulated crops”?
    Do you think that there needs to be a change made to Federal baiting rules and regulations?

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    Crawfish Burrow

    Seems to me that intentionally planting a crop like corn to be flooded for waterfowl hunting is just a disguised way of baiting birds. Flooding a harvested field is another matter and goes back to the long established practice of flooding harvested rice fields. However, those fields cannot be manipulated to enhance their attractiveness to the birds. I have not seen the flooded corn fields but have seen presentations about them. What really concerns me is that this practice short-stops birds that would normally come to the south leaving hunters at lower latitudes without access to the birds they long hunted. But, another concern is holding birds in an area where they could well be subjected to serious danger from blizzard conditions from which they might be able to escape by being too far to the north to safely fly to less hostile conditions.

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