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Louisiana Waterfowl Alliance
428 Hickory Hill Dr.
Boyce, LA 71409

T: (318) 981-2134

W: http://www.louisianawaterfowl.org

E: secretary@louisianawaterfowl.org

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We Need Your E-mail Address!!!

We plan to maintain a web presence and get you these newsletters via e-mail and/or website. We really, really need everyone’s e-mail address. If you have e-mail and don’t get things sent from LWA to you via your IP, we strongly encourage you to give us your e-mail address. This will save the organization money, which we have very little of to start with, on postage and mailing costs. Many member communications are sent via email. All emails sent by LWA pertain to club business only. Send your e-mail address to LWA secretary at sujo@viscom.net .

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