About The Louisiana Waterfowl Alliance Organization

The Louisiana Waterfowl Alliance is a statewide assembly of waterfowl advocates organized to insure the continuation of Louisiana’s rich waterfowl and waterfowl hunting heritage; to support the protection, expansion and enhancement of waterfowl production and wintering habitat; to maintain and improve waterfowl hunting opportunities and the quality of the waterfowl hunting experience; to encourage and support research that will improve the knowledge and techniques upon which waterfowl management is based; to educate and advocate on behalf of the waterfowl resource and waterfowl hunters; to foster the experiential education of youngsters in waterfowl conservation; to serve as a forum and provide the venue for fellowship and information sharing among Louisiana waterfowlers and all who are devoted to conserving, restoring and enhancing the waterfowl resource; and to promote the highest standards of safe and ethical behavior while afield.

LWA is an affiliate of the Louisiana Wildlife Federation and is registered as a non-profit corporation with the Louisiana Secretary of State.


Louisiana Waterfowl Alliance Benefits and Accomplishments

  • Spring and Fall General Membership Meetings (food/soft drinks provided) featuring past season wrap up and pre-season projections.
  • Affiliate of the Louisiana Wildlife Federation (LWA members are LWF members) and provides input to LWF on waterfowl-related issues .
  • http://www.louisianawaterfowl.org – Website with links to waterfowl related organizations such as Ducks Unlimited, Delta Waterfowl, Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, various bulletin boards, etc.
  • Quarterly Newsletter.
  • Member, U.S. Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service Louisiana State Technical Committee.
  • Endorsed and supports Waterfowl Resting Area Program, an extension of the Mini-Refuge Program.
  • Endorsed and supports three zone waterfowl seasons in Louisiana.
  • Conducts a Duck and Speckle-bellied Goose Calling Contests at the Lafayette, Louisiana Outdoor Expo each July.
  • Periodically holds waterfowl hunting forums around the state and shares information with appropriate state and federal advisory and management agencies.
  • Sponsored waterfowl-related resolutions adopted by the Louisiana Wildlife Federation:
    – Opposing hunting over artificially-flooded crops that don’t normally require flood (e.g., corn, milo) for production and that are grown and flooded primarily for the purpose of waterfowl hunting;
    – Encouraging the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries to lease rice field areas for affordable public waterfowl hunting.
  • Public positions taken on important conservation issues:
    – Support of the rice industry in U.S. Farm Bill negotiations;
    – Opposition to federal legislation relaxing the baiting regulations;
    – Support for prohibiting the operation of off-road vehicles on the bottoms of Louisiana scenic streams.
  • Current Issues:
    – Establishment of waterfowl rest areas on state wildlife management areas;
    – Expansion of Limited Use Areas on wildlife management areas;
    – Short-stopping of some species of ducks and geese in central USA and delayed migration of waterfowl, in general.

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