FWS/NRCS Conference Room, Lafayette – 28 October 2015

Jay Huner, 421 Hickory Hill Dr, Boyce 71481, piku1@suddenlink.net, 318-793-5529
Bob Brothetton, 662 Fairview Point Rd, Elm Grove 71051, pjlbob@att.net, 318-423-7108
Ray Doughty, 850 Linden, Shreveport 71104, raydoughty@bellsouth.net, 318-393-3059
Phillip (Flip) Siragusa, 101 Felonise St, Lafayette 70507, redfish452@gmail.com, 337-288-2810
Marty Floyd, 2044 Bayou Rd, Cheneyville 71325, Progne99@aol.com, 337-459-0445
Barney Callahan, 302 Amis St, Thibodaux 70301, barney.callahan@shell/com, (barney.callhan07@gmail.com)
Fred Borel, 317 W Sallier, Lake Charles 70601, coureurdebecasse@yahoo.com
Randy Lanctot, 4125 Claycut Rd, Baton Rouge 70806, randylanctot@bellsouth.net
John Delhommer, P O Box 40, ….. 70555, john@ductz-sln.com

5:00 pm – Unable to show Website Tutorial
6:00 pm – Meeting brought to order by Jay Huner

Approval of April 2015 Minutes – motion by Randy Lanctot, second by Marty Floyd– passed

Financial Report – statement not available [Report from Sean Pilie’ received 10/30/15: “…the funds [WRAP] were sent to David, but I don’t see where they were cashed. I also sent him a reimbursement that is not cashed. As of today we have $3,020 in our account at Capitol One and $86 in pay pal account. I usually try to leave a minimum of $50 in pay pal so they won’t close the account….”

Need to find out the status of W.R.A.P. Have we provided the $1000 donation yet? Is this a continuing program? Flip will check to see if Andy Dolan and/or Rob Smith on status and perhaps get them to give us an update.

President – vacant – Barney Callahan will take over (board approved)
Vice President – vacant
Secretary – Jay Huner
Treasurer – Sean Pilie’

President – In volunteering to be president, Barney Callahan stated that he felt the state needed an active state waterfowl organization. He asked for cooperation and assistance from all board members and the membership at large.

LWA Brochure = Barney developed a draft – we need to look at in and send in suggestions to Barney, also can use pictures. Check with website to make sure everything matches. Once completed, board members can use LWA envelopes to recruit new members. Also, of course, use e-mail.

Facebook page – We have a Louisiana Waterfowl Alliance Facebook Page. Johnny Serigny had it set up by the lady who set up the original LWA website. Need to get as many people as possible to “like” our Facebook Page and to get people to use it. This is a very interactive way to share information and promote LWA.

Twitter? – Not clear if LWA should have a Twitter account. Much silly stuff appears on Twitter accounts.

Website – Ray Doughty has done a wonderful job on the site. We need to make more use of it. We will send a notice to the members so they can check board meeting minutes. We can use a promotion like a contest with a shotgun as the prize to generate increased membership. Huner and Lanctot to do more to keep the site up to relieve Doughty.

Survey Results on Hunting Zones: 67% leave as is, 14% new zones, 11% old 2 zones, 10% no preference. Jay made it a point to explain that the manipulation of the zones by Larry Reynolds was done to accommodate Louisiana rice farmers in southwest Louisiana. Current start dates for seasons come before most of the second crop rice is harvested which means that farmers and/or land owners could not permit hunting despite the season being opened. This was a major issue for David Boudreaux. [Note: Jay spoke with rice farmers on 10-29-15 in Jennings and learned that the farmers had petitioned LDWF to open the season in their area later and wanted to include the 40,000 acres of rice south of LA 14 and immediately north of the Intracoastal Canal in a late opening situation.]

LWFC meets upcoming Thursday – Jay will send email letter to Larry expressing LWA desire to keep zones as they are.

State Guide License – other state require hunting guides to be licensed, don’t think Louisiana has this requirement. Jay to see what Sea Grant/Extension is doing (has done) about hunting guide licensing.

Louisiana Outdoor Expo 2016 – Flip will look into judges for the event (Francis was David Boudreaux’s contact). Need to check with gun dealers like G&H about acquiring a gun?

Rest Area Resolution – Charles Williams should check with LWF to look into this to see what we need to do to move the resolution forward.

Newsletter – Johnny has been doing this – need info

General Spring Meeting at Robicheaux Center Saturday April 16 – check with Johnny to see if he can assist with a meal.
Board Meeting in Feb., likely 16/17/18.
Flip brought up a situation about baiting doves in Alabama. People are being allowed to plant wheat on the ground in late August to “plant” it. This could lead to issues with other game species.
Adjourn 8:30 pm

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