By Rich Geffert

Hunting has two kinds of laws.

One is the written law that is enforced by the game warden. The other is unwritten. It is an ethical code or code of honor that the true sportsman places on himself or herself.

Most hunters obey the game laws, but that alone is not enough. Without ethics, man or woman can be a licensed, law abiding hunter and still be a poor sportsman.

There is nothing illegal about shooting at a running whitetail deer over 600 yards away (with a rifle) or trying to down a bird flying over 100 yards high or shooting an arrow at an animal that is out of his or her effective shooting range. It is certainly unethical and only a poor sportsman would try it.

The ethical hunter knows both the limits of his or her equipment and their shooting ability and always tries for a clean quick kill. In addition, the ethical hunter obeys all laws when hunting. The hunter acts as a goodwill ambassador for the sport — To Read More of This Article

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